An adapter that allows devices to be mounted on panel roofs.

CL adapter description

ADAPTER CL allows CLAMPINE devices to be installed on snap seam panel roofs.

The design of the snap seam makes it impossible to install CLAMPINE on coverings of this type. Closing the lapping and stable fixing of the device is impossible.

The CL adapter is mounted on compression bends in special holes prepared for this purpose. Mounting can be done on the side of the main base or on the side of the lappets. This depends only on the direction in which the roof panels are laid. The adapter must always be on the side of the bottom plate.

Since seam panel manufacturers offer products with different seam heights, one should always check the possibility of using an adapter.

Adapter CL106- for panel sheets type: PRUSZYŃSKI

Adapter CL113- for panel sheets type: RUUKKI

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